And Pose! Outfit post & Tips to look your best in photos

I'm pretty sure I have heard every girl I know talk about how horrible they look in photos. I can more than relate. It wasn't until recently, (thanks to this blog and Leea Lee who has given me some tips) that I started learning some ways to avoid looking worse than I do in real life. You all know what I am talking about: the arm pressed against your side, the open mouth, head tilted back photo which eliminates your chin, the chin down pose which makes you look alien-esc. We have all fallen victim. I wouldn't even write about it, but I hear it all the time. I realize whole heartedly that I am not a professional, but I wanted to share what an actual professional has taught me. Here are a few things I have learned lately and a look that I am really crazy about.

Elongate one part of your body. In this photo it is my left leg. The high waisted pants I am wearing which are really tight in the waist can really accentuate the FUPA, so creating a long angle is important here.

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Everyone  does the hand on the hip pose. The key to this one is leaning your hip into that hand rather than your natural inclination to lean out and placing your hand in the natural place where your body curves (higher than your actual hip bone). I am basically a square, so this creates an illusion of a curvy body. And when you place your hand on your hip, you slightly roll your shoulder forward and your elbow toward the camera. This actually makes your arms look strong and muscular despite your lack of working out post college.

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This is always one of the hardest things for me, my head. If feels extremely awkward when you do this for a photo, but it really works. While standing or sitting, you elongate your neck, lift up your chin, then push your entire head slightly forward. I know this sounds crazy, and your outer voice might be saying "this is so stupid," and if that is you then I don't even want to hear your complaints later when your chin has melted into your neck for that wedding photo.

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When turning to the side, the mechanics are exactly the same thing. Elongate neck, push head out, and slightly lift chin.

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The last most important thing that my mother has been telling me my entire life, is to stand up straight. And if you were ever in dance classes your ballet instructor probably told you to roll your shoulders back. This is just good body mechanics for life, and also photo taking.

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This look is a current favorite. I scored these high waisted harems at Grey dog vintage boutique, the top is f21, necklace from Masons,  wedges are toms, sunnies from black cherry vintage, and purse from madewell.

 I hope some of these tips help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera.  Here are few terms I have heard on a regular basis during photos at events with other women. Pretty comical.

Skinny Arm!

Chin Down.

Suck and tuck ladies!

Kiss face!

How embarrassing are we?

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