An Interview with Chloe of: Nomad en Vogue

I just luvv introducing you all to really stylish people residing in AR, so this week I am featuring an adorable fashion blogger living in Little Rock.  Chloe Curnel is the luvvly lady behind the blog Nomad en Vogue. En Vogue couldn't be more correct, as the blog is a style oasis where you will find Chloe looking chic in anything from a casual sweater and scarf to a floral mini and pumps.  While her look is always flawless, she maintains an air of  fun and easy-going style in every post. It is obvious from looking at her blog for a moment that combining the perfect color pallets and pattern mixing are her strong suits. Let's see what is currently inspiring her style and enthusiasm for fashion. nomad en vogue for hello luvvy
Darcy Munoz: What is currently inspiring your style? 
Chloe Curnel: I am constantly browsing magazines, fashion blogs, Instagram, and Pinterest for style inspiration.  When I see a look that I love, I always think "How can I make that my own with my current wardrobe?" That's always a fun challenge to me!
DM: What are your favorite trends for spring? 
CC: I am currently inspired by athletic-inspired styles, quirky prints, soft pastel colors, and mono-chromatic looks. 
nomad en vogue for hello luvvy
DM: What are your must-stop shops in LR and NWA? 
CC: Steamroller Blues and Indigo are great Little Rock Boutiques.  In NWA, I would absolutely have to say Maude is the best! I always find something I love there. 
DM: What makes you feel most confident about your style? 
CC: I choose to wear pieces in which I feel comfortable, but that also fit my personality.  I don't concentrate too much on what is "trendy", but on what makes me feel good...I am most confident when I feel like myself!
Nomad en vogue for hello luvvy
DM: Do you have any goals/aspirations in the fashion industry? If so, what are they? 
CC: Absolutely!  I aspire to one day have a store of my own or to work as a product developer for a larger company.  I currently have many years of retail experience under my belt, and I'm ready to contribute some creativity to the industry!   
Chloe, we can't wait to see what's in store!
To see the full details of Chloe's outfit go here. And check her out on Instagram @CHLOEELISEC and Facebook!

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