Amazon Prime Father's Day Gifts

HELLLLLLLLLLLLP. It's Father's Day this weekend, and I still haven't gotten any gifts. I haven't gotten ANY gifts, and chances are, a lot of you are a little, ahem, ~delayed~ in buying your Father's Day gifts also. Well, turns out, your best friend in scenarios like this is to have an Amazon Prime membership. I finally got a membership a few months ago, and it has been LIFE changing. I mean, really, truly, life changing. For many everyday reasons, but especially in times like this when you want something great, but you don't want to have to go to a million stores to find that perfect item. I've already done all of the searching for you, you just need to pick something to buy! With a Prime membership, everything has free 2-day shipping. That means if you order today, your goodies will be here Friday. You have a few days to get these lovely gifts ordered, guaranteeing you make the Father figure in your life feel like the special person he is. The gifts on this list range from $ to $$$, so if you're looking for a gift to buy on your own or to split, this can cover lots of options! P.S. They deliver some packages on Sunday, so you may even make it to ordering your gift on Friday if you're feeling risky! line Father's Day Gift Guide  1. The Great Scrape - 4 1/2 Stars greatscraper Luvvs, a few weeks ago I found out someone I know had to have emergency surgery on their esophagus because they accidentally swallowed a wire from a grill brush. Ouchhh. Apparently, this happens all the time, so this Father's day, give the gift of a delicious BBQ tool that can make your family be a little safer. This natural scraper has great reviews, and is clearly something that most people probably NEED. No more wire brushes! 2. XBOX elite controller - 4 1/2 Stars xbox Soo many of us have a video game nerd in our life. I say this lovingly because my husband is one, and the gift of this controller would be one your dad would never forget. While this is on the more expensive side, it is a gift your gamer dad or husband would never forget. A good controller is the difference between enjoying the game and wanting to throw something at the TV. Save a TV, buy a good controller. 3. Beard Oil - 4 1/2 Starsmountainbeard Do you have a scruffy dad in your life? Then, buy him this beard oil kit. This kit comes with all of the necessities to help take that sad beard and turn it into something great. A proper beard grooming kit will have their face feeling fresher than a baby's bottom. It also, according the the reviews, helps with the itchiness of growing and having a beard. 4. Yeti Handle - 5 Starsyetihandle All you have to do is look around a room at any given time and you will probably see dozens of people with Yeti's or Yeti-like glasses. Obviously, that product is great because it really does that it promises to do - maintains  the temperature of your drink. My only complaint is that it's sometimes hard to grab, especially on the go. This handle is one way to fix that and to deck out the Yeti into something even better. 5. 7 Wonders  - 5 Stars7wonders No matter how great the gift, what it comes down to is that the dad in your life just wants to know they're valued and loved. A board game is a great way to show that to some Fathers. This, or any other game, can be a way for you to promise the Father in your life that you'll be around more to spend quality time with him. 7 Wonders is SUPER fun, it's almost like Catan in certain aspects, but not completely. There are so many different ways to play this game that it really has staying power as a game. (AND it's on super sale right now!) 6. BB8 - 4 1/2 Starsbb8 Get your dad his own ROBOT. Nah, not really, but this is a close to a robot your dad may ever receive. These BB-8s are well loved by anyone that has ever watched the new Star Wars. BB-8 is the hero we deserve and that you need to buy for celebrating dad day this weekend. 7. Record Cleaning Set - 4 Stars beardkit For the music loving dad that is venturing into collecting new vinyl or for restoring old vinyl. If your dad has records, he needs a good cleaning kit to go along with them. Maybe a kit plus a record could show off how much you love and pay attention to your father. 8. Mister - 4 1/2 Stars mister I'm not sure how hot it is where you are, but here, in Arkansas, it is HOT. Soooo hot. Give your dad a mister like this to make it through summer and outdoor sporting events. This would also be great for floating or for camping. It's a practical gift that is still awesome. You knooooow you're going to want to steal this one for yourself. Big shout out to my one and only, Thom, who is celebrating his first official Father's Day this year. We were expecting last year at this time, but didn't celebrate. He is the best husband and father. I am so thankful for how he takes care of Oliver and I. Seeing them together as father as son makes my whole heart complete. thom Taking the time to give fathers a small token of appreciation this Father's Day is the least we can do to make sure the Father's in our lives know their value, so if you haven't gotten anything yet, use this guide to help you make it happen. [If you don't already have Prime, give the free membership a chance to order these! This is not sponsored in anyway] Luvv!

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