Amalfi, You're Beautiful

The Hency three are on holiday. And a proper one at that. We will be gone 8 days instead of our usual 36 hours. We packed two full-sized bags instead of the one mini-bag that will fit in a European overhead compartment. This is a big deal for us! And we are loving it. We are loving it so much that I am going to have to leave you with some pictures from our first stop, the Amalfi coast. We stayed in Pariano, a tiny town 7 kilometers from Positano and 10 kilometers from the town of Amalfi. We have seen The Amalfi's luxury side and her gritty exteriors. Both are equally lovely in their own way. We have taken a water taxi, eaten gelato, marveled at the emerald coves, been taken by the views. Here's a taste, luvvies. 20140701-215510-78910390.jpg 20140701-215508-78908010.jpg 20140701-215508-78908390.jpg 20140701-215507-78907631.jpg 20140701-215510-78910008.jpg 20140701-215511-78911206.jpg 20140701-215508-78908788.jpg 20140701-215507-78907191.jpg 20140701-215512-78912825.jpg 20140701-215509-78909618.jpg 20140701-215512-78912449.jpg 20140701-215509-78909211.jpg 20140701-215514-78914127.jpg 20140701-215511-78911625.jpg   kelsey-sig

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