All Tan and Smilin' - Hello Luvvy July '14 Playlist

All Tan and Smiling - Hello Luvvy July '14  If you can tell from my last food post, I get pretty excited celebrating 'Merica and all things summer. Lucky for you, that love turns into awesome food times and what is hopefully an awesome playlist. What's more American than delicious food and amazing music? This playlist is inspired by the endless hours of summertime sunshine and by my own perception of what it means to be American. I always feel the need to remind listeners this, but my goal for these playlist is never to capture the newest tracks, but rather what I feel is a summation of the elusive theme I'm trying to let the music embody. To embody summer means to embody free time, surprise sun showers, riding bicycles, the cycling of sunrises/sunsets, reclining during lazy mornings, sitting in oppressive heat, enjoying the refreshing cool of a pool, falling in love with everyone and everything in the world, dancing anywhere and everywhere, sipping whiskey on ice, and embracing the blooming of flowers and your summertime-self. To embody America, means to celebrate the freedom to do all of the above. It seems too hard to embody everything that it means to be American, so I'll just let the songs do the talking, or rather singing, here. I couldn't have an American summertime mix without Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. I gotta say if "Born in the USA" is the only Bruce Springsteen song you hear this July, it is truly a travesty. Dylan and Springsteen are two musical greats that are crucial to everyone's musical education and any slightly (emphasizing slightly here) Americana mix. I hope all of you luvvlies truly enjoy the peak of summertime happiness  this July! all tan photo edit melinda-sig

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