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When little people have birthdays we want to throw them a party. Kids parties are crazy cute. And fun. And usually full of adults. Throwing a first birthday soiree for Faye meant a handful of little people and lots of grown-up people. Here's how we kept it fun for humans of every age. We greeted adults with a drink. It says "we want you to have fun too" as soon as they arrive. Faye's 1st Birthday Party 175 Commit to structured chaos. Have things for the little people to do, but allow for some freedom. Part of what's fun for kids at a party is to run around like crazy with other kids. Give them some space, some toys and the freedom to do that, but also give them an activity or two. Faye's 1st Birthday Party 130 We bought some super cheap plain puzzles, threw some markers, stickers and stamps on the table and let the kids decide when they wanted to color their own puzzle. It became a really fun group activity for all under the age of 8. kids table-01 Picked a constrained space. A fence keeps little people from running far away. A room with walls ensures they can't jet off. If mom and dad don't feel like they have to chase their child around, they are going to have lots more fun. Faye's 1st Birthday Party 120 Feed adults like they are adults. It's ok to have food that kids might not like and adults will. I bet very few people whose age could be told by the number of fingers they hold up with their right hand appreciated the salmon on a mint jelly. The fish and chips were enjoyed by all. Faye's 1st Birthday Party 95   You want to know how we kept it fun for me? We outsourced the things that would keep Mat and I away from hanging out with family and friends. I didn't make the food. We had the party at a restaurant so that made it easy but you could order in BBQ, pick up sandwich trays from your local grocer or ask grandparents to bring items. Faye's 1st Birthday Party 168 I didn't take the pictures. If I had it to do all over again, one thing I would spend money on is having someone to take pictures. They are so fun to have and I wasn't running around trying to take pictures of everything. I didn't even really think about it, but you can bet your bottom dollar I shed a tear or two looking through them. Pay a professional or ask a friend who's good with her camera to take pictures of the things, people and moments that matter.

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If you are in London holler at Storybook Photography. Dan and Kath are a treat.

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