A Normal Girl's Attempt at Fashion: Travel Addition

I recently took Kelsey's advice and decided to do a little traveling close to home. Her post about being a traveler really hit home to me. I am the absolute guiltiest when it comes to complaining about not getting to travel enough. So I was inspired to get out of the norm and enjoy a lovely nearby city. We had family in from out of town so all the more reason to get out and show off one of my favorite places. Eureka Springs, AR is a place I visited many times growing up, and I usually try to go once or twice a year. Even though I have been there, I enjoy it more every time and every experience is different from the next. I think part of the joy is taking friends and family to a place that is special to you and letting them experience it and enjoy it. You feel a sense of pride in showing them your little secret!

[caption id="attachment_714" align="aligncenter" width="670"]crescent-hotel Crescent Hotel & Spa[/caption]


One of the best places to go to in Eureka Springs is the old Crescent Hotel. It was originally built in 1886 as a fancy hotel and spa. I don't know the exact history and timeline, but at some point some creepy quack of a Doctor bought the place and turned it into a hospital, where for two years he practiced his mad-science cancer cures on the desperate. It is rumored that the hotel is haunted, and there are several people who will account for it. It is fun to walk around the old place, and there definitely is a palpable eeriness through those old hall ways.



[caption id="attachment_727" align="aligncenter" width="600"]IMG_3066 trying and achieving creepiness[/caption]

Aside from the general creepiness and absolute beauty of the hotel, they serve an amazing brunch on the weekends. It is quite fancy with its chocolate fondu and classical pianist. I love to sit there and look around, imagining people dancing and dining in that gorgeous space over 100 years ago.


While I would love to say that I wore an outfit that would put me on par with Lady Mary and Lord Grantham of Downton from the glorious 1920's, I went for a more classic American girl look. Whenever I am in such a gorgeous place I feel so under dressed. Only a fancy hat and dress could make me feel otherwise.

normal girl outfit


Shirt: Vince Camuto, Pants:BDG, Shoes:Maude Boutique, Coat: f21, Purse: Madewell, Necklace: Grey Dog Boutique

Since you may only have the chance to travel big once a year or every other year, take our advice and enjoy a place that is close. You won't regret it!

What are some of your favorite places? Have you shared those with your friends and family?


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