A Normal Girl's Attempt at Fashion

               This style diary is titled, "A Normal Girl's Attempt at Fashion." The reason is pretty obvious: I am normal in every sense of the word. I have no connection to the fashion world, other than my obsession with window-shopping, magazine collecting and style blog reading. I work at a normal, not-so-glamorous job, and my body type and looks also could be described as normal. At my job I wear hospital issued scrubs every day; they are light blue and baggy. Before you start saying, “How wonderful! You never have to worry about what you are going to wear to work!”, you might consider how you would feel if you had to wear (what I would call) a tailored pair of blue pajamas everyday, (sometimes covered in bodily fluids). This might change your perspective. To wear something that flatters your body, has a pop of color and femininity, makes you feel like you have just treated yourself. Slap on some jewelry and you feel like you just got back from the spa. When I speak of normalcy, I am simply saying that I have not studied fashion. I actually feel inadequate of the subject. But if you ask me how normal women shop, the thoughts that go through their head, and how they feel when they have found the perfect look. I am your girl.

When Matt and I were headed out to Crystal Bridges the other day, I didn’t really decide: “okay I’m going to do an outfit post around this ensemble.” The process was totally different. First, I knew I wanted to wear my new high-rise pants. Second, I had purchased a crop top, yes crop top, in a L.A. a couple years before and never had the right pants to wear it. So I dug it out of the trenches and threw it on.  Then, I slapped on a cardigan, because I always feel more put together with one, a necklace, some booties, and viola! I was ready to go feeling quite fresh. That is the process, it’s quick and easy. You grab something you know you want to wear then just build around it. This can be true with a jacket, shirt, pants, or pair of shoes.





  1. High wasted black pants: This is what I knew I wanted to wear. I would build my outfit around this. If you have not embraced this trend please do, I could not be happier high rise is in style whilst I am approaching 30 (pants are BDG).
  2. Crop top:  Something I had purchased about two years ago when the trend first was first coming back in L.A. I am still in love with this pattern (Sorry can't remember the store name, but it was somewhere on Abbot Kinney).
  3. Cardigan: I love cardigans, this article of clothing always makes you look more put together. Added bonus! It was on sale at F21 for $11:99 (No I am not above F21).
  4. Accessorize: Red necklace (Maude Boutique), Black booties (Seychelles via Maude Boutique), Purse (Madewell).

I hope you will join this normal girl's quest to become fashionable. I promise I will be honest and  forthcoming about the woes and wins of this journey.


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