A Lovely Day in London

Green Park Gate

When we got to London it was cold. Then we got through the holidays and well, it was still cold. And then Spring came and it was cold and it rained. The urge to run my (then) pregnant self around in the freezing cold/rain to see the sights was nonexistent. We only saw Big Ben and St. Paul's because we happened to cross paths with them in route to another destination that was certain to be indoors. Then came June. Yes, this June. The one that just started and all four days of it have been quite lovely. All of London has rushed to see the big bright yellow thing in the sky. We’d been told legends of its existence for the past seven months but many had stopped believing they were true. So I invite you to come along with me on this glorious weekend in London. One where we enjoyed a local spot and finally made a purposeful trip to a tourist destination. First stop, food. What else would you do first? I have no idea. Kensington Square Kitchen. It's tiny. It's white and pale green. It has long wooden farm tables topped with large vases of white flowers. They also have a brunch menu that includes porridge, duck eggs, and tomato and corn fritters. English, delicious and precious. Eat here if you come to London and want a spot where not everyone is wearing a big camera around their neck and pulls out their wallet from a fanny pack.


From here we walked to the closest bus stop and headed towards Buckingham Palace. Listen, the people here love their Royals. And from what I can tell we love their Royals too. So do people from Asian countries and Australia and New Zeland and the Middle East. Everyone loves the Queen. If they don't love the Queen they love the Royal guards. So basically everyone goes to The Palace (Capital "T" because there are other palaces around but this is The one). Even Faye Baby couldn't keep her eyes off the palace. eyes On a fairly nice London afternoon it feels like entire cities of people have made the pilgrimage to see the Queen's residence and all of them brought their camera. I think someone is taking a picture from every direction at any point in time. Seeing the hoopla (and being a part of the hoopla) was really pretty fun. I didn't expect to love the experience. Maybe it's because we have a tiny person we cart around everywhere now. Maybe it's because the road leading to the Palace front grate has collapsible lamp posts so it can be made into a plane for a runway at a moments notice (true statement). Maybe it's because Kate Middelton wore that stunning wedding gown on the property (it's probably this one) but I did love it so. Yes, we took pictures like everyone else. Obviously I said something hilarious here.


And then we headed across the street and into Green Park. I mean, does a walk in the park look more quintessentially English than this?


And on the first of June on a semi-sunny day in England how could you not eat ice cream on the lawn?

ice cream

Or a hot dog for that matter?


And if you happened upon a group having a pillow fight with an open invitation to take part in it yourself could you really say no?

Pillow Fight

We actually did say no to that one but if it's your cup of tea then when you are here you should join them and smack your companion with feathers in a gorgeous park next to Buckingham Palace. The Princess Di memorial walk was the last part of our park escapade and provided the most beautiful London background for a picture of Faye...with her eyes semi or completely closed. She wasn't a fan of the brightness. It's new for her.

Eyes Closed

Faye also had a small picnic of her own.


Our plan was to end the day at our favorite local pub The Queens Arms but that plan fell through thanks to an overstimulated 7 week old I know.

If you spent a day in London and copied this one except for the part where we didn't go to the pub you would feel pretty satisfied with your Saturday.



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