A Kiss and Boyfriend Jeans: Trendy Tuesday

Last week I showed you an alternative look for a special date night, so this week I wanted to try something a little more casual and fun. Over the past several years, when it comes to denim, I have strictly worn skinny jeans. But recently I decided to try out boyfriend jeans. I know I am really behind the times on this, but truly I think it is challenging to find the right fit with boyfriend jeans. I have found that often time they would be too tight to really be considered "boyfriend" jeans. The key is finding a pair with a little less stretch, then going up a size. Yes, I am just going up sizes left and right. Recently, I have found a pair that fit me comfortably and I am loving this fun new look. Now for the styling-- this is the fun part! I love putting a feminine twist on menswear.Pairing your boyfriend jeans with a button down, high heels and a great lipstick is really the way to go. I have worn these jeans with flats, but adding high heels really just makes them what they are meant to be—masculine with a feminine twist. I'm pretty sure Sarah Jessica Parker is the queen of pulling this look off. She's probably the queen of pulling every look off, but she was my inspiration for this look. outfitpost outfitpost outfitpost

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Sadly, this sweater is sold out. But, I have found another fabulously fun valentine sweater for you! Whether Valentine's Day is a silly holiday or not, I do hope you enjoy and take time to luvv on your friends and family. xo! Photos by Lauren Blairdarcy-sig

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