A Foodie's Guide to Road Tripping - How to Find New, Authentic Places to Eat

[caption id="attachment_6158" align="aligncenter" width="500"]roadtrip pinterest Taken from Pinterest, no link available to credit.[/caption] road trips, foodie, foodie guide to road trips So how does a foodie decide where to eat? This is my secret guide to how I find some of my favorite restaurants! I think it's becoming fairly clear to you luvvs, that I'm a pretty enthusiastic nerd. Which means when I'm excited about something, I'm really excited about it, and few things make me more excited than food. Making food, staring at pictures of food, eating food, dreaming about food, it's all goooood to me. Which means when it comes time to travel, the number one part of the trip I'm excited about is NEW EATS! [caption id="attachment_6156" align="aligncenter" width="408"]in and out, best burgers, foodie guide to road trips, road trip tips The exception to this guide, one of the few meals worth going through the drive through for, In and Out[/caption]

My love of food isn't just because it's delicious though, it's also because I truly feel it is one of the best ways to experience the culture of the place you're visiting. Because of this, I've spent a lot of time trying to perfect how to find the best places to eat while traveling or road tripping. Using these resources to find a restaurant will ensure that you can stay away from chain restaurants and better experience the places you are visiting.

How to Find the Best Places to eat for Road Tripping/Traveling

1. Road Food This is probably the most obvious one for fellow foodies out there, but for those of you that are just beginning your journey into foodie-dom, or those of you that are just traveling and looking for a quick guide, Road Food is one the longest lasting food guides out there. Inspired by the book Roadfood: The Coast to Coast Guide by Jane and Michael Stern, this website has a list of the restaurants found in this book, and user submitted ones. This is just a great generic source of local eats, but combined with the other links listed, it will help you narrow down to a really unforgettable experience.

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Boxed lunch from Sally Bell's in Virginia. One of my absolute favorite foodie finds. Serving Virginia since 1920, every box comes with a sandwich, a side (potato or macaroni salad), a deviled egg, and a cupcake!
2. TV Food Maps For all of you Food/Travel Network watchers, this is a dreaaaaaam! It compiles all of the restaurants that have ever been featured on a TV show. Yes! Reaping the benefits of TV producer's hard work is awesome. 3. Flavortown USA and Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives

Both of these lists are inspired by the TV show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Confession: I really am not the biggest fan of Guy Fieri, BUT he has great taste, despite his terrible taste in hair. If you are looking for something that feels very authentic, this list is great for you. I'm the person that will go into any place because my experiences with food have taught me you can't determine the quality of food by the decor. For this reason, dives are some of my favorites.

glady's knights chicken and waffles, road trip, foodie guide to road trips, 4. Eating Well In the exact opposite vein of D.D.&D, we have Eating Well. For my vegan, vegetarian, and health conscious-friends, this list helps you stay away from the grease and animal products. 5. Chow Hound, Trip Advisor, Urban Spoon, and Yelp These are great websites/apps to help you double-check some of the restaurants that you might have found from the links above. I always check these because who knows how restaurants can change overtime. It's always good to double-check reviews. 6. Foodie + the State Name With the rise blogs and instagram sites, the list of foodie websites has grown exponentially, which is awesome! By searching the term "foodie" with the state name, you can see some great websites people have dedicated to the food in their state. Or better yet, type in those terms to Pinterest. This will give you a great feel for the local food scene.

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10 Foodie Picks to Pack

Without a grocery list, I am a person that becomes enchanted at the idea of every piece of junk food I see, "cheetosssss!" To keep myself from grabbing food I don't need, I try to go in with a plan. If you're that person too, or just want some healthier road trip snacks, here's my top 10 list of food necessities for your car ride.

oranges, grapes, almonds, road trip snacks, foodie road trip 1. Grapes or berries because they're easy to snack on and better than grabbing chips. 2. Oranges for  your health and thus energy. 3. Flavored almonds for energy and protein (my favorite flavors are in the picture above!) 4. Cheese for yumminess + calcium and vitamins. But mostly because it's always time for cheese. 5. PB 2 Breakfast Bars - Can't talk 'em up enough! Energy and protein magic. 6. Cherry Tomatoes, they're accessible and delicious. 7. Bottles of Water because hydration! 8. A cooler to store food in because you should always err on the side of caution + if you make sandwiches for the road, you'll need this. 9. Hand sanitizer because bathrooms on the road aren't the prettiest. 10. An open heart and mind. Oh, and a belly ready to eat its way through vacation.

melindagifmoving Happy Eats and Travels My Sweets! 

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