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A Disinterested Concern for Sports

by 6 June 19, 2013



The summer is not overly complicated from a sports fanatics standpoint. Most individuals who would consider themselves enthusiast are more than likely fixated on Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League’s Stanley Cup Finals , and or the National Basketball Association Finals.  Being from the South(Texas is South) I have to extend myself to get excited about hockey but I appreciate a good honest competition…. How do I connect with my  northern friends that enjoy the ice?

Most conversation is centered around the NBA Finals which involves the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat.  The NBA which is not big on parody dreamed of this match up as I dreamed of a 7 game series between the two teams.   I often think of how those who don’t enjoy a “friendly competition”, how do they keep busy during sporting binges and more importantly keep a sense of disinterested concern for sports while others around them cheer on their team/a team?

NBA Finals

Below are suggestions to keep the thread between you and friends/family/person of interest as they root for their team.

-          Take an interest in the interest of others.   Example: I watched Slum Dog millionaire and listened to an additional commentary  as a trade for watching game six(NBA Finals) at my favorite adult hangout with my person of interest.


-        -  Stay current.  There are many respectable means to stay current with sporting news that do not require you to watch 3+hours of sporting events.   Examples include ESPN(sports center), ESPN apps for smart phones,  online news and other sources of news.


-          Get others involved. You will find that the bigger the group of sport enthusiast the easier it is to learn about the sport, hide if you know nothing and don’t want to learn, distract your friend/family/person of interest, and enjoy the company of others.


- Be Honest. If sports is not your thing let people know. Not everyone works for ESPN so sport events and discussion can not be everyone's life.


I won't get into how sports are universal and how they have the power of connectivity but I will say that: