A Day of Pimento Cheese - A Way to Use Pimento for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

I've had a lot of awesome feedback about the pimento recipe from last week. When I looked back  at it, I loved that I could share with you one of my new favorite recipes. My only problem with the recipe was that I originally thought there weren't enough ways to eat it! I had crackers  and grilled cheese, but I wondered what other ways I could use it. Since we are blessed to live in a time where a new recipe is a click away, I decided to see the different ways I could incorporate pimento cheese into my day.

I found that it surprisingly works for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Breakfast I tried pimento in an omelet for the first time thanks to this recipe.  Christin gives you a great, basic recipe for creating a pimento omelette. She gives you a simple pimento cheese recipe to add into the omelette, but use mine from last week to have an omelette on the spicier side. Egg and cheese are some of my food best friends. This is one way to make your omelettes even cheesier and more flavorful than ever. pimiento-omelet-47 (Photo via Spicy Southern Kitchen, linked above) Lunch Ladies, if you're single, feel lucky, you don't have to cook for a picky husband! I am of the picky-husband group of women, and bless him, I make him try so many foods he would never venture to try on his own. But despite my best efforts, I've learned my husband likes food with the least amount of vegetables possible. Because of this, I am constantly trying to get as many vegetables in the morning and the afternoon to make up for the ones I might miss at dinner. One way I thought pimento could help with this was through pimento stuffed tomatoes. This is a super quick, healthier way to incorporate some pimento as a snack. Ditch the crackers and try a veggie. Directions Ingredients Cherry tomatoes Pimento Cheese  DSC_1991 After washing your cherry tomatoes, cut them in half. Once they are in half, use your knife to hollow out the inside. I did this by cutting a circle with the knife and then sliding the knife under the filling to pop it out. DSC_1996DSC_2002DSC_2024 Once your tomatoes are cut, stuff them with pimento. This would be great as a side to a sandwich or even something you could place in your lunch salad. This not only works for lunch, but also for dinner. DSC_2040 DSC_2075 Dinner The awesome part of having a pimento recipe made for you, is you just have to pick up one extra ingredient to transform your meal. For breakfast it was eggs, for lunch, tomatoes, and for dinner, just a chicken breast. I love the idea of stuffing my chicken breast with pimento. Here's a recipe that shows you how to do it, but it's a simple as stuffing a chicken breast you cut up.

PimentoChicken (Photo via EatingWell, linked above)

Hope you guys will give pimento cheese a new way to woo you. DSC_2053 Happy Eats My Sweets, melinda-sig

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