5 Steps to Becoming Your Own Personal Stylist

Do you ever feel a little lost in your own closet? Trying on outfit after outfit and hating everything. Well, you are not alone. I have been there and I'm sure many other women are currently there. You may have considered hiring a personal stylist and then in the same moment thought, "Really? On whose dime?" Let's be real here. Having a personal stylist on the average gal's salary just doesn't add up. So, I am going to help you become your own personal stylist. I know I am not an expert, but I will say that having the chance to work with a stylist who taught me a lot, being a fashion blogger and an editor at a lifestyle magazine where I style cute college girls in photo shoots I feel like I have built up some street cred. Now that I have proved myself to you, let's get started.  Figuring out what you truly like and feel most comfortable in is over half the battle. I want to help you get there. I'm not here every week just saying, "Look at me, I know what I'm doing!" I truly am here trying to figure it out for myself and be a voice telling all of you to find what you like, embrace it, and be comfortable in your own skin. Through this process, I have been able to examine what I like and why in retrospect. Here's the good part: you don't have to have terrible retrospect moments because I have done that for you. You're welcome. personalstyliststeps5 1. Go through your closet and donate or sell any and all items that you have not worn in the last year. First things first ladies— it's time to purge! Don't be sentimental with your clothes. If you aren't wearing them, let someone else. I encourage you to sell items that are gently used so you can reinvest that money into your wardrobe and give the rest away to a local charity.  2. Create a Pinterest board of your favorite outfits and women whose style you admire. Pin away! Take time to make a Pinterest board of all the styles you love. Maybe you admire the style of a certain celebrity. If so, do a search and pin some of the images you like of that person. Make sure to pin a few outfits that are casual and a few that would be work appropriate. If you already have a board dedicated to style, great! If you pin like crazy, you might want to narrow this down to your favorite 25 or so. 3. It's time to figure out what you like and why. Pay close attention. This is the most important part of this entire exercise. Grab a pen and paper and answer these questions. Based on what you have pinned, are there any color or print themes in the outfits you have chosen? If so, what are they? Are the outfits simple (with little accessorizing), or do the outfits have several style elements? What do you like most about these outfits? Why do you gravitate toward ___'s style? Do you notice any themes in their beauty routine? Based on the pictures you have pinned, do you prefer neutrals or lots of color and prints? Try to write a few sentences about what you like based on the images you have chosen. Her is an example: I have noticed that I prefer outfits that are simple (like a great pair of jeans with flats and the perfect sweater). I like neutral outfits with a pop of color. All the women pinned in my images have red lipstick on and cat-eye liner. I prefer styles that are sweet over edgy. My style icons are Alexa Chung and Man Repeller. I like how they wear classic styles with a twist. I like it when they wear tailored pieces. I like cropped, skinny jeans with high heels. I like collars. I only like bohemian looks on sandy beaches.  4. Now that you have a better grasp about what you like, grab a rolling rack and let's pick out a weeks worth of outfits. Having a rolling rack is a wonderful solution to getting your styling thoughts together. Oftentimes, I look into the abyss of my closet (yes even though it's small, it looks like an abyss), and feel that there is not one thing I like anymore. It's that nagging problem of, "I have nothing to wear!" while staring at your overflowing closet. Think about the outfits you liked on Pinterst, what were the most basic components? Start pulling out these garments and building around them. Maybe you were crushing on that all denim look Alexa Chung was wearing (because I totally am). Grab a pair of jeans, a denim shirt and a flashy pair of heels. Don't have a denim shirt but still love the look? I bet you have a white button up. You will still look amazing even though there is variation in the style. What's most important is to pull those most basic elements and build around them.  5. Remember that money you made by selling your gently used clothing? It's time to use it!  After you have pulled a week's worth of outfits from your closet or used your rolling rack to plan outfits for your vacation, you may have noticed your wardrobe is lacking some very basic items. Use this money to invest. You may want that denim shirt or you might just need some basic tees. Either way, look at what you have and what you think you are missing and buy it if you can.  Bonus: Create a look book of all your favorite outfits on your phone. Take some time to try on outfits or lay them out together on the ground. When you find one you really like: take a picture. You can save these images in a separate file on your phone to look through when you are feeling uninspired.  personalstylist7 Ladies, consider this a style challenge. If you can't afford to hire a personal stylist, but want to look and feel great in your clothes, learn to be one for yourself. Learn what you like and why, then strive to create that. You can do it! And I am happy to help along the journey. If you have questions or ever want to bounce outfit ideas. Hit me up! I would love to talk more with you about this. darcy-sig  

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