5 Plants You Can Definitely Keep Alive

Do you have a green thumb? ME NEITHER. However, I desperately want to have one. Well, since planting doesn't come naturally to me, I did what most people would do-- get help from a friend. I talked to my friend Steven (who is probably one of the biggest plant nerds alive) about what plants I should get for my home that are low maintenance, but lush and beautiful. Together we took a trip to Electric Ghost, and he helped me get some plants that I, and anyone else, can keep alive.  Adding a plant to a space makes you feel like an adult with very little work! Let me help you life hack feeling like an adult with these easy-to-keep-alive plants. These houseplants are a must. DSC_35741 The guide below tells you the common nickname(s), and their scientific classification. DSC_35161 Plants line 1. "Blue Elf" Aloe - Aloe humilius -  We  all know that aloe is great for your skin in a myriad of ways, it has healing and moisturizing qualities, but it's also so easy to keep alive. It tolerates under and over watering, and it grows quickly. One thing you might not realize is that if you choose to keep it in bright light, you can actually get aloe to flower pink and salmon colored blooms. You can also keep aloe in indirect light. Another bonus for growing aloe is that it is so easy to propagate on it your own. Which means you can grow it in your yard (if it doesn't freeze where you live!) or you can easily give it as a gift!.  DSC_35071 2.  Snake Plant/Mother-in-Law's Tongue - Sansevieria trifasciata - Y'all, if you don't have a lot of light, and you are known for neglecting your plants, this plant is perfect. It can grow under a variety of lighting conditions. It can thrive even under low light conditions. Doesn't require a ton of water, so it's ok if you forget to water it routinely. One of the reasons people love this plant, outside of being able to neglect it, is that it has great air purifying qualities. I love the various patterns I saw on each of these. It's truly a statement plant!  DSC_35241 DSC_35281 3. Jade - Crassula ovata -  This is one of the most common succulents you find in people's houses. It's very tolerant of a loose watering schedule; over- and under-watering are fine. It's super quick growing, so you can buy it once and keep it going into many potted plants.  They thrive best in indirect light. Aesthetically, people love that jade his lush and almost has a bonsai like quality to them as they grow up. DSC_35411 DSC_35491 4. Begonia - I was hesitant about picking out a flowering plant because I always assume they'll die easily, but I was assured that the Begonia is actually easy to keep alive. Who doesn't want a flowering plant that is easy to take care of!? It flowers all summer long, days to weeks, if kept in bright spot. It's quick growing, and is a nice lush alternative to other succulent choices. It can be kept indoor or outdoor. DSC_36081 5. Elephant Ear/Spade Plant - Colocasia  spp.-  Luvvs, there are soooo many variations of this plant that you buy. There's a huge variety of sizes and colors like pinks, reds, and whites. Guess what? They're all beautiful AND easy to keep alive. These can be quick growing. They don't need a ton of light-- in fact, they do better in indirect light or shade. It requires the most water, but not a ton. DSC_34991DSC_35621 Luvvs, I hope this helps you feel confident that there are some plants you can actually keep alive! My green-thumb luvvs, you need these as well. Any of these plants would make a great addition to your home! Don't be afraid! Big thanks to Steven for helping me pick out plants, and big thanks to Electric Ghost for allowing me to photograph their beautiful plants and store! DSC_35671

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