2014 Resolution Kickstart

2014 resolutions

You went to sleep 2013 and woke up with an entire year behind you. It's a new day, so to speak, and after you have sufficiently reflected on the 365 days that have passed it'll be time to eat a spoonful of black-eyed peas and think about the days that make up this brand new year. We'd love to kick-start your resolution list. Here are a few things that might make 2014 a year you luvv. 1. Do more of what you love everyday. 2. Read one book every other month. Expand your mind, luvvies! 3. That whole exercise thing...15-30 minutes a day. Do it! 4. Treat yo' self! You know because sometimes you totally deserve it. 5. Treat yo' neighbor! Because it's not all about you. 6. Explore a new country or language or culture. Just explore! 7. Be courageous. Do something that's a little bit scary every month. 8. Practice positive thinking. For example: "I got this!" And "Damn! I look good today." 9. Be a better listener. 10.  Aim higher. 11. Fight for freedoms and human rights daily. 12. Put down that bag of chips! No like now. 13. Be committed to being YOU and loving it. 14. Bring people together. Your community matters, so host them at your house or pull together a happy hour. 15. Be spontaneous. Do something you didn't plan on even if it takes a little work to make it happen. Happy 2014 from all of us!

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