10 Wood Slice Crafts

This week I am sharing ten of my favorite wood slice crafts. With fall just around the corner, I think that these wood slice crafts are so warm and inviting. Aside from dreaming of fall, I have also been on the hunt for some amazing crafts that come from trees. Over the course of this summer we have accumulated a bunch of wood from a couple of trees that had to come down in our yard. I really don't want to waste the wood from the trees and we are having trouble selling them, so this round-up was born. I have been saving every wood slice craft I can find so I can find ways to use up the wood we have now. I hope you enjoy the round-up! 10-wood-slice-crafts-Hello-Luvvy 1. Lesley Weiner | 2. Elizabeth Anne Designs (note: this is just inspiration, but it is so beautiful!) | 3. Kayla Aimee Writes | 4. Bre Purposed | 5. Julie Blanner | 6. Etsy - By Life Over Easy | 7. Emily Henderson | 8 & 9. Upcycled Treasures | 10. Ella Claire As always, have a luvvly weekend! Use #DIYluvv on insta if you make any wood slice crafts, I would love to add more ideas to my list! xo - Jessica

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