10 Best One Piece Bathing Suits: Summer 2013

I don't know about you ladies, but I am a true  fan of the one piece bathing suit. I feel more comfortable in them, and I am less likely to lose my top from a big wave or my bottoms after diving into the pool. Over the last couple years I have realized that it can be very hard to find a good one piece. It seems most stores assume that if you want a one piece suit you are 75 years old. So, I have put together 10 one piece suits that flatter your body and will get you ready for an active day at the lake or beach.




When choosing a one piece suit I generally go for one with an underwire. It creates dimension and is more flattering. I really love these two suits from j.crew because the colors are amazing and will look good on any skin tone. Also, they both have an underwire and the bottom suit has detailing on the sides which will create shape and control.




I am seriously crushing on these floral patterns from Madewell. I love this swim shirt. It is perfect if  you desire more coverage or plan on doing some surfing or water skiing.

Urban Outfitters



I love a basic black suit, it looks good on everyone. This particular one has a gorgeous back, very flattering. The piece on the bottom has an amazing floral pattern and the colors are perfect.




Anthropology has a great selection of one piece suits this year. You might pay a little more but they are very cute and unique. I love how both of these accentuate the waist with detail.




Target always has good affordable swimwear. I actually own the suit on top in black and I love it. It is a "control" swimsuit so you can't go wrong there. I think the piece below is so cute. The fringe and color is very flattering.

How do you ladies feel about the one piece suit??


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